Herbal Dispensary; bespoke remedies made instore

Our friendly team of medical herbalists run the instore apothecary & clinic. We dispense tailor-made remedies for your ailments using high quality Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal medications. Our medicines are freshly made instore and come in the form of tincture, dried herbs, capsules, powders, creams & ointments.

Our herbalists offer over the counter advice, in-depth private consultations and customised health programmes.


✓ Expert over the counter advice; 10 minutes free advice plus a customised prescription. Complimentary Advice.

✓ Short Consultation for Acute Conditions; 20 minutes plus customised medicine. £20 plus medicine cost.

✓ Comprehensive Consultation; 1½ hour evaluation, including dietary & lifestyle advice, customised herbal medication. £55 plus medicine cost.

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