What is Holistic Health?

Holistic health is all about mind body and soul

There are plenty of buzzwords thrown around in the world of wellness, and sometimes it can be difficult to separate one from another. Sure, the general idea is to make you feel better, but why are there so many differing opinions on how better can be achieved? The truth is that, as with many things, there’s no single right answer, no trend that offers all the solutions you’re looking for. The key is to look at your health and wellbeing as a whole and appreciate that many illnesses happen for a reason. Then you can tackle the root of the problem and not just the symptoms. Ultimately, you can use a number of approaches to take your wellness to another level.

That, friends, is what Holistic Health is all about.

Waaaaaaa buzzword alert. Here we go again. We know, we know. But just hear us out…

Here at Maitri we’re all about Holistic Health. And when you take the time to read on, we think you will be as well. It’s nothing radical – just a traditional approach to wellbeing and a philosophy to follow that ensures you take care of yourself in the best way possible.

So first of all, what does Holistic even mean? A sensible question. Holistic is a nice way of saying universal or all-encompassing. In the world of wellness, it essentially means that you consider your general wellbeing as a whole. To be more specific, a whole that takes into account your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. With this in mind, Holistic Health looks at things from different perspectives. The universal aspect of Holistic Health is more focused on you and your lifestyle, and how your health can be seen as a complex system reacting to the connected aspects of your wellbeing.  

Essentially, Holistic Health appreciates the connectedness between mind, body and spirit. Healthy body, healthy mind may sound like a trivial, clichéd, statement, but it certainly rings true for the majority of people. Numerous studies have proven the effect that mental health has on physical wellbeing – You only have to research the relationship between stress, anxiety and a host of illnesses to see how mental problems can manifest themselves in physiological ways. Sometimes the best way isn’t to treat the symptoms of these problems with conventional medicines, but to recognise that fundamentally your wellbeing is unbalanced, and that therapy or meditation targeting the problem itself would be more beneficial.

When you take a second, it starts to become clear. There are plenty of things outside of our obvious basic needs that could potentially undermine our quality of life. Poverty, stress, and depression for starters. Happiness, contentment and tranquillity all have the power to improve our wellbeing.  

When we take a step back and realise that an unbalanced lifestyle, whether that’s mentally, physically or spiritually, can lead to bad overall health, it suddenly makes a lot of sense to put some effort into looking at things from a holistic point of view.

This interconnectedness is what Holistic Health accounts for. By recognising imbalances between your mind, spirit and body, you can take healthcare from reactive to proactive, and make positive changes to your diet, daily routine and mental attitudes in ways that will benefit your wellbeing.   

holistic health and weight gain exercise
Holistic health is about more than jsut running every now and then…

You could say that Holistic Health incorporates a totally different way of doing things. It’s a lifestyle philosophy that makes a pretty fundamental argument: Not being sick is not the same thing as being healthy! Clearly, our health has related to the environment that we live in, whether that’s hanging around with smokers or letting stress and negative thoughts take over. Fortunately, plenty of these lifestyle and environmental factors are within our control. We can make an array of changes, appreciating that each part of our wellbeing, from the fitness and nutrition to mental and emotional health, has a part to play in reaching peak condition.  

Holistic Health is not a Replacement for Conventional Medicine

Let’s be clear about this. Holistic Health is a lifestyle philosophy. It’s a method of accounting for internal and external factors in a way that conventional medicine does not. By definition, conventional medicine is reactive – it’s there to treat symptoms and, where possible, fix the causes of those symptoms. Holistic Health should be seen as a preventative lifestyle philosophy that puts the control back in your hands.

Sure, you might do everything right and still get hit by illness or disease – life sucks. Often – but you can bet that living a life that balances your mental and physical wellbeing is as good a preventative strategy as you’ll find. Really, the two work in tandem. Taking a holistic approach to your health is a way to be the best that you can be and minimise your exposure to physical and mental environments that set the stage for illness to take hold. If things do start to go wrong, the wonders of modern medicine will have your back.

And so we arrive back at the different types of better we mentioned earlier. Think about bringing more balance into your search for true wellbeing. There’s no point in cycling to work and eating hummus at lunchtimes if your job stresses you to the point of having a heart attack. As we’ve seen, Holistic Health is all about appreciating how lifestyle, environment, mind, body and spirit are connected. It’s about making sure you don’t buy an exercise bike and point it towards a wall plastered with images from your troubled childhood while cycling for nine hours every day as you metaphorically try to escape them. Sure, your thighs are going to be enormous, but you’re not dealing with the crux of the problem – plus a bit of sunshine, some meditation, and regular water breaks are strongly advised.

We’re big subscribers to the world of Holistic Health here at Maitri.We want all of our customers to harness the power of Holistic Health, take their wellness to higher levels and have bags of energy and enthusiasm for life

As well offering a range of top quality supplements and remedies to keep you in peak condition, we’ll be posting regular features on mindfulness and mental wellbeing.