mariandina syrup

Mariandina Syrup – (200ml)

Brand: Mariandina

Mariandina Syrup – A tasty, convenient way to boost your wellbeing.

Product Description

Mariandina Syrup is an easy way to get a daily spoonful of goodness. Suitable for adults and kids, Mariandina Syrup has been specially formulated to combat fatigue and maintain general wellbeing.

This syrup has a base of malt and soothing honey. It has been enriched by a range of naturally sourced vitamins and minerals from herbal extracts Ginkgo Ginseng, Sarsaparilla and much more.

Mariandina Syrup is suitable for vegetarians and has added blackcurrant for a tasty finish.

Directions for use: One to two teaspoons daily with food.


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Additional Information

Weight 440 g